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Yesterday I was listening to sports radio (Grant and Danny) and they were talking about the holes that were showing up in Siberia and one of the hosts said that the holes were made by the Silver Surfer who was prepping the earth for the coming of Galactus. So I called the show…

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30.Jul.14 1 day ago

How Big of a Problem is Harassment at Comic Conventions? Very Big. | Bitch Media


I wrote about the sexual harassment survey I conducted and what it means for comic conventions.

(via aleskot)

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30.Jul.14 1 day ago

As often as I have been trying to convince myself that I need to be single lately, I can’t help but feel regret. I went to the doctor’s office today to get a lump checked out and while it’s probably not cancer, it’s definitely not good. It’s at least curable. My dad thinks it’s a bursted blood vessel (best case scenario), but if it’s not, my chances to have an honest relationship someday are slim. Not even so much because of IT but because I will continue to convince myself that I’m not worthy to have someone in my life.

I know I have a lot of shit to work out in my head (and body), but damn I could use some good company tonight. :(

On the plus side, some of today’s bullshit might be great material for one of my projects.

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